Thursday, September 19, 2013

Making Lasting Memories

I can remember back to when I was a kid, we'd go camping in our camper as a family and I have some of the fondest memories.

I love being outdoors and I love being with my family, so we've taken camping as a hobby that our whole family loves!

The best part is, both my parents and my hubs parents love it too, so going with extended family makes it that much more fun and memorable!

Spending quality time with family, making priceless memories !

 {lots of backpack rides}

 {lovin the leaves}

 {keeping busy}

 {long hikes...with naps!}

{ fun times with cousins!}

{Great breath taking views}

{cousin time!}

{Beach fun!}

 Amazing time with family and lots of laughs with my kids!
Two more camping trips before snow fall.


Jamie said...

Adorable pictures!!

Erin said...

So cute, love all the pictures, great memories for sure!

Tracy said...

I want to take my 4 kiddos camping now!!! Where did you get the pink swim suit with white polka dots? It's adorable!!!

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