Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Better with age!

I didn't grow up having a great relationship with my grandparents. They lived many states away and we rarely got to see them. My grandma passed away in 1992, when I was 10 years old. My last grandparent passed away when I was about 23 years old. It was hard growing up seeing all of my friends have close relationships with their grandparents and seeing what I was missing out on. I didn't have that 'loving' relationship with my grandparents, we would go see them, cause that is what our parents told us we were doing. When we visited, we go our separate ways when we got there and keep ourselves busy by playing together.

One of my missions as a mom is to have my kids have a great relationship with their grandparents. One they can look back on and cherish. One that brings them joy to tell stories from. A relationship where they are excited and look forward to spending time with their grandparents. One where they get special days to spend alone with their grandparents. 

I want them to have a relationship with their grandparents that they will remember for a lifetime. When they look at pictures, I want memories to be overflowing in their heads. I want smiles to come to their face, each time their grandparents names are brought up. 

My kids love hanging out with their grandparents, having special day trips with them and just love being around them! They look forward to 'grandma and papa days' and will usually choose hanging out with their grandparents over their friends. They come back with tons of stories and a smile from ear to ear!

These moments my kids will treasure forever!

Friday, October 25, 2013

It's Friday...you're kidding me?!

I woke up this morning trying to actually convince myself it was Friday. Where did this week go?

Dear my awesome readers- I haven't blogged since Monday...want to know why?? I have been busy making new holiday cards for this season. I have many scheduled posts, that are 75% done...I just need to finish them, in my spare time.

Dear Kenzie- There is no way that you are turning 4 in less than 2 months. I am busy planning this sweet girls Sweet Shoppe 4th birthday party. {I want her to have a great birthday celebration, separate from Christmas!}

Dear life- I have been staring at this picture from our last camping trip {last weekend} and realizing that I don't think about how lucky and blessed I am often enough. Pretty sure I couldn't imagine a better life than I have right now!

Dear the world's greatest mom- Thanks so much for making my mornings SO much better. Thanks for bringing me 'your coffee' so that I could have a great cup of coffee in the morning, instead of a okay cup. Amazing coffee...love it! Thanks for always helping me out any way you can. I love you more than you know!

Dear Hubs- Can you believe...only 12 more days till we are on a plane to Mexico! Sans kids and with some awesome family and extended family! To say I am excited is an understatement! Hot food, time to actually read the 3 books on my Kindle (that have been there for years), time to have adult conversations (without being interrupted), time to catch some sun rays and even take a nap...time to do whatever we please! 
{our last vacation, sans kids, minus Blake in my belly}

Dear weekend- As always...feel free to stay awhile!

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Monday, October 21, 2013

It's hard to admit!

Strengths? As much as I think to myself that they outweigh my weaknesses in my marriage, I just might stand corrected.
 I would be lying if I said I didn't act like I was the 'top dog' in my marriage. I know a marriage is 50/50, and I am aware that, I just don't always show it! 


Planner and organizer extraordinaire- Our house would probably fall apart with 4 kids, a dog and a cat, if it weren't for me. When somethings lost or needed, I can almost always guarantee I know where it is. I am the one who plans most of our outings and events and keeps everyone on schedule. {though now that my hubs and I have our calendars synced, he is much better at helping with it}

Caretaker and 'maid'- I am the one who makes sure everyone has clothes to wear (that fit), makes sure they are clean to go about their days, and makes sure they have healthy food to eat. I am the one who does most of the cleaning up after our busy kiddos and pets. {it's the OCD part of me} I am the one who monitors the to-do list to make sure things get taken care of. {thanks to my hubs, he's is the one who usually follows through with checking things off the to-do list}

Self sufficient- I am pretty good at holding my own and keeping a hold on things, even
when my hubby is gone. I don't ask for help often and am not very good at asking for it, when needed. I have no problem taking 4 kids (or more) to the grocery store, taking 4 kids to the library or play park. Go big or go home...right?! I welcome challenges and don't think anything is too tough to try.

. . . . . . . . . .

It is hard to admit, but every marriage takes work. Marriages can be though and takes two people who are willing to work at it, but also can be rewarding. Everyone has room for 'improvement.'

{yes, I admit there are some}

Patience- Definitely not my strong point. I am getting better, but I will always be able to use improvement. The hubs is the one who keeps me in check and keeps his cool. I have a temper that I am not proud of, and I try to keep a 'cool' on.

Encouragement- I am usually great with encouraging my kids, but as far as encouraging my hubby, I could definitely use some improving. It isn't that I put them down, I just don't give that extra boost of encouragement.

Feelings and Emotions- I am bad at showing my feelings and giving emotion. I usually just bottle things up inside, until they bother my enough to make me 'explode.' I am bad at explaining myself and telling people how I feel. {thank goodness for the hubs badgering me, to get things out of me}

Apologizing- It isn't often that I'm wrong {I swear, ask the hubs} but in the moment that I am, I usually divert from the situation, so I don't have to say sorry. I don't know why, it is just hard for me, even when I know I'm wrong. Part of me just wants to shout it out, but then my consistence says, don't do it.

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Finishing off the season

Two campers and 5 months later, we are ending our camping season this weekend.
Many memories have been made and a ton of family fun has been had.

My kids love the outdoors and being able to 'roam free.' 

 Snack + juice + sunshine = perfection!

 There is endless fun with a bucket of water!

 Many naps, from tons of running around!

 Nothing better than adding another smiling face, awesome personality and new family member to our crazy bunch!
{we love you Kendall!}

 Can you tell where Blake's favorite place to be is?! 

 Kenzie telling Kendall how to pose for the camera!
{man she cracks me up!}

 Papa and Grandma Vroom watching all the chaos fun!

8 Adults, 6 kids, 6 dogs and 3 campsites full of fun!

 Grandma and Abby

Long bike rides with a little snooze!

This weekend will be about 30* cooler during the day, probably half the sunshine, but we'll still be making amazing memories that we'll cherish and look back on forever!
{Thank goodness for heat in the camper}

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tis the season

Holy cow...
{time flies!}

ONLY 42 more days till Hanukkah
. . . . . .
ONLY 60 more days till Christmas
. . . . . .
ONLY 67 more days till New Years 

Want to get ahead of the game this year?

I am doing a giveaway on my Facebook business page for a FREE custom designed holiday card and a BONUS of 25 free prints with envelopes.


Visit my Facebook page and leave me a comment on the giveaway post & share the giveaway to be entered in the giveaway. 
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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

If you came over

The first thing you would probably be thinking is...
This house smells amazing {ok, maybe that is just me} and you'd probably wonder how it's so clean with 4 kiddos and 4 daycare kids. 
{remember...I am an OCD clean freak}

You'd probably notice that we are quite crazy in the morning, trying to get everyone dressed and 4 kids off to the bus stop for school.
 {Often times my daughter takes her time getting out of her PJ's in the morning}

Once the 4 oldest are at school, things quite down a bit.
{that is until the phone rings, then everyone practices their screeching and singing} 

 I finally brew a cup of coffee, since I actually have a few minutes to drink it.
 {any sooner and I just end up heating it up over and over}

We hang out in our 'basement' playroom and play till we get 'bored.' 
{I lite a candle, because I love them, and turn on some background music}

Then we are off to do art or play-dough. If it is nice outside, we hit up the park in the morning before lunch too. Who can resist a park in their backyard?!

If you stayed for lunch, you might be lucky enough to get my homemade mac n' cheese, pizza balls or quesadillas.
{That is..if you catch me on a good day}

Then the time most of us wait for....nap time! Thankfully all four kiddo's still take a nap...and at the same time. {which makes it that much better!}


If I am caught up on my to-do list, I'll plop down on the couch and put my feet up for a few minutes. Blog a little, work on my website or catch up on my shows. If my do to list is getting lengthy...I catch up on some cleaning and laundry.

2:30-3:00 hits and boom...all four kiddos are ready for 'round two.' 
They are hungry for a snack and ready to get playing again.

They'll grab a quick snack and off they go. Coloring, playing Barbies, dress-up and whatever else their little hearts desire.
{We have lot of fun!}

It's 4:15 and my alarm on my phone is ringing. The big kids are getting off the bus and the house is about to double in noise volume. 
In they come hungry and full or stories from school.

They get about 30 minutes to play until pick up and they are very busy for those short 30 minutes. 
{Running here and there, playing everything they can}

After daycare, it quiets down again {a little} and I will start making dinner, if I wasn't smart enough to put it in the crock pot.
This is a tough time for my littlest. He is hungry {again} and wants me to hold him too. I usually try and distract him with some cooking utensils or a ball.

After dinner, it's homework time and reading time. We'll fit in some more play time too.
{Doing our part to help educate our kids} 

Bedtime rounds the corner fast and it's time for PJ's on...teeth brushed...and rooms clean and bath-time. Then it's show time {if they haven't lost it from bad behavior} and then off to count some sheep.

{Mommy and daddy get a few quiet hours before they get to go to bed too} 

 . . . . . . . . . .

My motto for our home...It's crazy and chaotic, but it's our life and we love it!
What does your day look like?! 
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