Sunday, October 13, 2013

Having a 'hay' day

 Though I still have yet to find one that makes me go back every year...I love apple orchards in the fall!

Pumpkins, apples, hay rides, corn pits, petting zoos, gorgeous weather smiles all around!

 Best buddies!
{1 month apart}

Picking the perfect one!

Making memories that will last a lifetime. Ones that the kids ask again for every year. 
The ones that make the biggest impressions and are tons of fun!

 The kids loved the animals. Blake thought the sheep was funny... {BAAAA}

Nothing beats the sun shinning, kids playing and a perfect fall day!

{My sweet pumpkin!}

Laughter in the sun!

Happy Fall!


Kathryn said...

Cute pics!! That corn slide looks so fun haha! We don't have apple orchards out here so have to settle with pumpkin patches :) looks like the kids had a blast!

Tracy said...

How much fun! Looks like ya'll really enjoyed your day!

Unknown said...

super cute! we are doing the pumpkin patch this week and I'm hoping to get some good pics!

Erin said...

so much fun... love pumpkin patches and apple orchards!!

Full House said...

Have you tried Fall Harvest Apple Orchard? My kids LOVE that one!

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