Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Never again will I...

...will I get to tell my family the exciting news that we're expecting. dread picking out my outfit, hoping it will fit when I have a huge belly.
...hear that little heartbeat on the Doppler.
...get to wonder how big my belly can actually stretch.
...get to decided what outfit I will take my baby home in. that girl waiting in the hospital room, being tended to, about to being a new life into this world.
...get to decide what my baby's name will be. able to decorate and personalize a nursery. able to hold that brand new baby, put on my chest for the first time.
...get that feeling of excitement, when I get told we get to go home from the hospital. able to nurse and create that bond between baby and mama.
...get to take monthly pictures to see how my baby is growing.
...get the ease of carrying an baby in an infant car seat.
...get to wonder how many hours I will get to sleep consecutively at night.

AND this is all something I'm okay with. My little family is complete and we have a lifetime of memories to make!

I am ready to sit in the 'watching seat' as my friends, siblings and in-laws have babies. I am sure with all the babies coming, I will get baby fever here and there, but I will just remember that my family is complete and now we get to watch our babies grow into adults. {as scary as that sounds}


Anonymous said...

what a lovely post, and how nice to be able to enjoy these moments with your friends as they begin to start families of their own :) i'm starting to get a little baby fever of my own.. :)

Kathryn said...

Love this and now you have made me want a baby :)

Tracy said...

I know just how you feel. =) I have 1 son and 3 daughters. It's exciting and sad all at the same time to know that your little family is complete.

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