Monday, October 14, 2013

Random...I think so

You always think you know someone so well after being married.
Even after knowing my hubs for 13 years and being married for 9, I still learn new things every day.
{I am sure the 'street' goes both ways}

He is a really loud drinker. He gulps and for some reason when he drinks any liquids. When the room is quiet and all I hear is GULP GULP's drives me 'batty!

He is a cuddlier. I will admit, I am not the best cuddlier, especially when I want my space. But if I am cold, you bet I am all for it. ;)

 He likes to research and think on things. I am more of a 'dooer.' If I decided I want something or want to do something, I go and do it or get it done. He likes to 'read directions' and research before he does things.

He thinks the birth mark on his hip is from a dog bite. We 'argue' about it all the time. There is a clear birth mark on his hip and he insists it is from a dog bite when he was a kid. Dog bites don't leave skin discoloration marks.

He has worked at the same job since he graduated college. He started with an internship and then got hired 6 months later. 10 years later and the company being bough tout twice, he's still there.

He is much more money savvy than me. He will think of a million reasons we shouldn't buy something and I will try to find a reason to disagree with each of them.

When he is watching a sports game, there is no use in talking to him. He won't hear anything you say. Even if he nods his head and says ok. He usually will fight me, saying he was never asked in the first place, but clearly he can't hear me when he's watching a sports game.

He is terrible about putting bills and 'paperwork' away. There had been about a foot stack of papers on his nightstand for many many many months. By the time they get put away, it is usually time for the to be shredded anyway.

He has a major weakness for chocolate. Chocolate milk, cookies, M&M's, chocolate name it, he'll devour it!

He has had two really bad hangovers since we've met. Both of those hangovers, we had something planned the next day, like moving and painting our new house. Guess who laid on the couch feeling like 'poo' the entire day.

He is very hard to upset. Sadly I've tried and usually it just won't work. He is pretty patient and usually is the one to calm me down, when needed!

He has had the same e-mail since the 'dinosaur ages.' He is still with AOL, going on 17 years. Most of up get fed up with the numerous spam emails, he patiently goes into each email and unsubscribes.

He is a kid at heart. He loves doing things with his kids and coaching their teams. He never says no to a good fort, sports game in the backyard, or old school video games.

He refuses to get rid of his Letterman jacket. No matter how many times I tell him that he'll never wear it again and our kids won't be wearing it...he insists on keeping it.

 He hates shopping. Grocery shopping, clothes shopping, just about any kind of shopping. Though I secretly think he likes Costco shopping. {who doesn't!?}

When he stays home with all four kids, and I am out...he is an amazing dad. The kids all love their 'daddy dates,' and beg for them all too often. He might not be a 'clean freak' like me, but the fun they had while I was gone, surely shows when I walk back through the door.

When we met, he was an addict to video games. His favorite things to do with his buddies was play X-box or Ps2. Thankfully he has 'grown up' and has better things to do with his time. Though there is the kid in him that still loves to play with Chase and Abby.

Never picks up the camera unless asked to. You will rarely see him holding a camera, unless I had to run to the bathroom. He doesn't mind them being taken, just doesn't like taking them.

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Angela said...

Love it that he's a great Dad when you're not home. That's how my husband is too and I'm so thankful for that. Some Moms are not that fortunate!

Susan said...

Oh Brian, I feel like I know you even better now! :) thanks for being such an amazing dad to my wonderful grandchildren and husband to my wonderful, but agreeably sometimes challenging, daughter. Love you lots.

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