Wednesday, November 27, 2013

When I started...

When I started blogging in 2005, I wanted to have a way to keep family up to date with our lives. I wanted there to be a place for me to post pictures for our out of town family and friends to see our kids grow up. 

I went from posting all pictures to more mommy related posts, then onto some reviews and giveaways and more pictures. I wanted to get more followers and more people interested in what I had to write about.

There was a point not too long ago where I would be blogging instead of spending quality time with my kids. Time that I could never get back, time that they started to notice me missing. 
I love blogging. I love the people I've met and keep meeting, but it was getting to the point where I was taking too much time trying to schedule posts and keep up 100% with the blogging world.

I took a step back a couple days before my vacation and decided to take a blogging break. During my vacation I decided I would write posts when I had time, during nap-time and after the kids go to bed. I wouldn't be so worried about what other people thought about my blog and what they wanted to read or see.
I have always been real and always been me on my blog. I blog about my life, motherhood, my experiences, lessons learned and more. Blogging is a hobby and I love seeing other moms in the same situation as myself and knowing that there are there are other moms having the same feelings during different life phases.

I don't ever want to stop blogging, but I don't want to miss my kids growing up either. 
A New Years resolution of mine is to keep up with blogging weekly, also making sure to be spending the most quality time possible with my kids.They are only young for a short time...before you know it they will be asking for the keys to the car. {Yesh!}


Amy said...

yes! this is something i struggle with, too. i love to blog, but want to make sure i'm not "Wasting" precious time on the computer instead of making memories with my kiddos. hope you can find a good balance for you! :)

Molly said...

This is such a struggle of mine! I will get into routines where I get lots of post done at once and I'm not spending time away from the boys. Then it will feel like I'm on the computer all the time. Balance is so necessary!

Anonymous said...

such an honest post that i think all bloggers can relate to. it's such fun blogging and keeping up with other blogs, but it's important to step back and make sure you're not getting *too* wrapped up in it all. thanks for sharing your insight :)

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Amen, mama! I have seriously cut back on blogging for the same reason!

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