Thursday, September 18, 2014

Homework for parents

Resisting doing it or giving up halfway through...there is usually some kind of struggle. Once you finally get your child(ren) to do their homework, do you ever look at it and think to yourself, "How in the heck are they teaching them to solve this?"  I feel as though I am back in school, elementary school to be exact! Racking my brain to help my child with their homework.

There are days my kids doing their math homework and I have to read and re-read the problem multiple times to see how they are teaching them to figure it out. Schools are always changing things, usually for good reasons, on how to approach problem solving and getting answers math equations.
I know what the answer is, I am just baffled on how they are teaching them to get it.

It is almost like you get to go 'Back-to-school' as an adult. Not only do you get to learn things in a whole new way, you get to repetitively encourage your child(ren) to work hard on their homework and keep focused on what they are doing.

We are shaping them for their future and at this young age, they soak up everything like a sponge. So, through the nagging, loss of papers and focusing really are making a difference. Doing homework at home, in my opinion, can be difficult because of so many distractions. Think about it, in school there are few distractions and everyone in the class is usually doing some kind of work. At home, you child is probably thinking about rushing to get their homework done ASAP so they can go play, looking around the room at everything going on, listening to other family members and what they are doing.

Finding a quiet spot for your child to do their homework is key. They need somewhere they know to go to get their work done, where they won't be distracted. Keeping structure is another key. Repeating the same structure will eliminate your child from guessing what they should be doing. Let's say 'your rule' is to get homework done as soon as your child gets home. Keep that plan daily, so that your child knows what is expected of them daily. Consequence and Rewards are my last key! Reward your child for doing their homework when they are supposed to and doing it well. Let them have 'free time' and time with their friends to play when they complete their homework. They will be more willing to want to finish, so they can 'play.' When they decide not to do it, put it off or not try...give them a consequence. Letting them know that what they did wasn't ok and that is not what your expectations are.

So, though your job of helping your child with their homework isn't as simple as 'waiving a wand,' there are methods to the 'madness.'

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Jamie Kubeczka said...

AMEN sister. I so needed to read this today. Homework is killing me, but I am getting through it the best I can and really encouraging them as well. It's a lot different this year having two in school, it really changes everything. I now have to split my time and make sure they are both keeping on track.

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