Tuesday, July 21, 2015

In the life of my Four!

Life as an almost 10 year old...

Lately all he wants to do is play Mine Craft or Clash of Clans on his Ipad.
He will play baseball outside all day if I let him, even after he has just played a baseball game.
He will do just about anything to entertain his little brother.
He is in the 'what can I do to make money stage.' He has a huge birthday wish list, so I told him to start saving.
His days consist of swimming lessons and baseball or soccer games.
Everything that he doesn't like is unfair. I have hit to 'you are such a mean mom' stage.
He isn't a big meal eater, but loves to snack. I try to convince him that he will be small forever if he doesn't start eating more protein.
Asking for something lately turns into asking a million times to get the answer he wants. Good thing I am learning to stick to my guns.
He is a very competitive kid that doesn't like to lose. Who does?!

In the life of a dramatic 8 year old...

She is often a very emotional and dramatic girl. Everything is exaggerated and drawn out.
Nothing is a small deal in her eyes, everything is 'serious business.'
She has a new found love for soccer. Into her 3rd year and she has decided to tryout for traveling. Help me now! 
She has left dance in the dust as she says she is more of a 'sports girl.'
She wants everything to go her way or you will hear about the 'fall out.'
She has an opinion about her clothes but isn't really a girly girl. She likes comfy, but likes to wear dresses too.
She doesn't need glasses, yet, but loves to wear fashion ones.
Being picky wasn't her thing and now she is falling into the path of her little brother.\

Life of my 5 year old fashionista...

She has found that dance is her passion. She is testing her limits and trying out for the per-performing dance line.
She thinks life revolves around her. If she's not happy, no one will be. 
Peanut Butter Jelly sandwich is her idea of an ideal meal.
She mastered hula hooping in just two weeks, and she won't be shy to show it off!
She can usually be found playing her Kindle or with Polly Pockets.
Her days consist of swimming lessons, playing like a diva, and keeping me on my toes.
She has made it her weekly goal to get out of napping, but mama still thinks she needs one now and then.
Everyday is a fight on what she is going to wear, unless it's a dress her emotions are a mess.
She is either best friends with her sister or her worst enemy. {Got to love, sisterly love}

In the busy, non stop life of my 3 year old...

Life never stands still during his days, it might pause a bit while he is sleeping.
His days consist of never stopping and keeping me on a chase all day.
He has endless love for sports, basketball is is favorite, but any ball will do.
He doesn't like the word 'no' and will ignore it when it is told to him.
The outdoors is his favorite place to be and he will let himself outside, unfortunately whenever he wants to.
He could survive on pasta and juice, the appetite of a growing kid.
There is little to no fear in his eyes, he is a dare devil and tries everything, sometimes more than once.
There are more toys in his bed than stuffed animals, he loves to sleep with his toys!
He is our house 'copycat' and whatever he hears, will be said again.
He would put up a good race between the Energizer Bunny, my money is on him.
His idol is his big brother and where you see Chase, Blake will be right behind him.


Mary said...

Your little Blake is so much like Jackson! They are all getting so big :)

Jamie Kubeczka said...

So cute! Your kiddos are adorable.

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