Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Can we talk about it TUESDAY!

I love our busy weeks, but when that weekend finally comes, I am one happy mama! We got to go out on our friends boat on Sunday and spend the day relaxing, while the kids played with other kids. I do however get the 'bad mom' award for forgetting to reapply sunscreen. Now I have 3 kids with a little too much sun....can we talk about it?!

We had just got our car DVD player back from being fixed, $350 later, when Blake decided to force a Mickey DVD in it, while there was already a DVD in there.We tried everything to get it out and ended up having to take it back in the have them get it out....can we talk about it?!

I have been going through my house, little by little, to get ready for our garage sale at the end of next month. I swore I wouldn't have another one, but with four kids, we collect a lot of crap treasures. My entire attic is full of garage sale stuff and I can't wait to have some free storage space. With six people, a dog and cat, I feel like our house is shrinking...can we talk about it?!

As excited as I am for Kenzie to go to kindergarten, I am also going to miss my little sassy fashionista during the day. She is so excited and ready for it. She can have quite the attitude, but her going to school just proves she is growing up too fast...can we talk about it?!

With being a daycare provider...I am always cleaning up after the kiddos. I used to sweep at least 1-2 times a day. I can't stand crumbs on the floor....sticking to my bare feet. Anytime I can find something to make my cleaning easier...I am all for it. My aunt told me about the Dyson v6 motorhead cordless vacuum. OMG...let's just say 'I love it' would be an understatement. It makes my daily sweeping/vacuuming a lot easier. Easy and fun cleaning...can we talk about it?!

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