Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Best Part...

To my kids I just stay home all day and 'play' with them. Other kids come to our house to play, since their parents actually work. I am the maid, cook, toy fixer, secretary, entertainer, teacher, taxi and mom all in one. 
But to my kids, I am just mom. I, in their eyes, am playing the role of a normal mom. {Because isn't it normal to have 6-8 kids come to your house every morning and stay the day?}
When the kids ask if we can go somewhere this week or if they can have a sleep over or if they can have friends over to play...their answer is usually, 'no sorry, I have daycare.' To them that just means their daycare friends are coming over to play again the next day. It doesn't mean that mommy will be working or taking care of 10-12 kids, it just means 'life isn't fair if they don't their my way.'

The hubs, he works from home too, but he gets to do it behind a closed door. He has meetings and can lock the door when he is busy. But, me?! No, I can hardly take 2 minutes to go 'potty.'
My days are filled with wiping noses, potty training, teaching preschool curriculum, cleaning up messes, cooking big meals, being a mediator, teaching life skills and getting energy out of all the kids. To me, this is my job and I love it for many reasons. {sometimes I just wish my kids realized I also do this job for them}

I get to be at home with my kids EVERYDAY! I get to be the main teacher and role model in their life and get to experience a lot of their 'first' with them. I get to be a teacher and role model in other children's lives and get to see them flourish and grow everyday. I get to 'play' everyday...for my job!

It isn't always a 'cake walk.' Though I love children, I sometimes feel that I am taking away from my kids childhood, by having to share my attention with other kids. It is hard spreading yourself over 10-12 kids everyday. Do I do it, most days...YES! Do I love it...YES! Do I still feel bad that they don't have me all to themselves...YES! Are there days I am jealous of 'stay at home moms'...YES! Do I think my kids and my daycare kids have learned a ton and flourished in my daycare...YES!
Does that make all the difference...YES!

Someday my kids will look back on their childhood and hopefully smile that I got to stay at home with them everyday. They'll hopefully look back and appreciate that I did this for them. 
Hopefully my daycare kids will grow up and remember these fun and learning days of daycare.
Cause in the end...The best part is spending my days with all of them!

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gillian claire said...

You are amazing! Just thinking about 10-12 kids everyday makes my head spin! I'm sure that your kids will look back on these days fondly, it sounds like so much fun! (amidst the stress!) Every mom and every working or non working situation has it's pros and cons I think, we all have to make the best of our situation and you're right - it is what makes all the difference!

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