Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Describing myself in all honesty

- I am very outgoing but in a 'stranger' crowd it takes a bit longer to warm up and put myself out there.
- I can keep a secret, through I’ve been told many times I have a big mouth. I DO know how and when to keep it shut. 
- I have little to no self control when it comes to pasta, bread and cheese. Some how my stomach always wins.
- I am pretty easy to get along with and will talk to just about anyone.
- I love and live off coffee. It starts my day and just puts me in a better mood. Not to mention, there’s nothing better than girls talk over coffee.
- I grew up with two older brothers and as much as one would think I was the ‘princess,’ I don’t see it that way. I usually got a ‘tightened rope’ since my brothers tested my parents patience and rules. I was ecstatic when I gained three sister-in-laws by marriage and love that we are all really close.
- I am terrible about saying ‘I’m wrong.’ (Honestly I think I’ve said it 5 times in the almost 15 years of knowing my husband) I know I’m wrong and I say it inside my head, but rarely does it come out of my mouth.
- I will talk your ear off if you let me. I love a good conversation. Since I work with kids 9 and under everyday…good adult conversation is really valued.

- I pride myself on never giving into peer pressure in school. I’ve never smoked a cigarette, or anything for that matter, and never done drugs. (I’m praying my kids follow in my footsteps)
- I don’t take compliments very well. I can take them from a complete stranger, but from family and friends, I am terrible at accepting them.
- I am very persistent and will try anything to get my way. I usually badger my hubby until he gives in.
- I don’t show emotion very well. I never have and as much as I try and work on it…nothing really changes.
- I have been in far too many car accidents for one person. I used to distract myself while driving, good things having kids in the car has changed me to be a much safer driver! 
- I yell at my kids far too much and unfortunately have a terrible temper. I think my kids are learning when to hid in their rooms and stay away from mom.
- I have a huge fear with kids and water. Super crazy paranoid mama comes out when my kids are in/around water. (It doesn't help that I have my own fears of drowning)
- I have a weakness for dark chocolate salted caramel anything and everything!
- I didn't have a very close relationship with any of my grandparents or extended family growing up and one of my biggest fears is my kids growing up feeling the same way. (I grew up, got smart and am trying to build those relationships up as an adult.)
- I am a very giving and kind person. (or, so I've been told many times)

- I prefer fall over any season and winter comes in close second. (I'd much rather curl up in front of a fire with a blanket than sweat my butt off at the beach.)
- I have a 'fake' smile that I plaster over way too many pictures. The only way you can get a 'real' smile is if I am having fun, someone makes me laugh or if I think of something funny before the picture.
- My kids are more fashion trendy than me. I'd much rather go out and update my kids wardrobe and make them look adorable, than take the time to update mine. (Don't get me wrong...I'd love a genie that does all my fashion/wardrobe for me)
- I am a terrible 'green thumb' and can't garden or keep a plant alive to save my life. I love flowers and plants...they just don't love me!
- I am terrible at spelling and grammar (If you read my blog, you already know this)
- I am not a confrontational person, no matter how much I build it up in my head...It never pans out the way I planned.
- I am addicted to candles, I light at least one a day.
- I have a small obsession with Lululemon, thanks to my amazing sister-in-law! (thanks Kendall!) 

Did you find out something you didn't know about me?!

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