Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Time Flies!

Where does the time go?!
I was just telling my kids today in the car that life is far too short! Make sure you make the most of it, forgive and forget, test yourself, love hard and make TONS of memories!

Speaking of memories...I have had my fair share with these kids! 

I love them like my own and had the privileged of having a hand in raising them.
We are still close, my kids love hanging out with them and having them babysit. It isn't often that the kids that you babysat, now babysit your kids. {At least you know they were raised right}

It tends to make me feel old when they pass big milestones, like high school graduation. 
How did this adorable 2 year old in a saggy white diaper, turn into such a respectable, well shaped, kind young man?!
 How has 16 years passed by in the blink of an eye?

They are like my second family and I can't imagine life without them. My kids adore being around them and love hanging out with their whole family.
I pray that these relationships go on for uncountable years to come.

Time please slow down, as it has gone by to fast thus far and when they get older, so do I!

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