Monday, August 17, 2015

To be friends or not...

How is it that when we’re at a play-date, my kids can meet other kids and be ‘friends at first sight.’ When we are camping, they’ll meet other kids and while playing a big game of kickball or baseball and they’ll all be buddies for the rest of our trip.

 They don’t care about each others background, ‘coolness statuses’, ages, grades…they just become friends…!
No stereotyping.No judging!
They’ll play forever, hours if not days together, and often not even remember their new friend’s name. It.doesn’!
All that matters is that they all want to have a fun time and play with someone else. Let’s face it, going somewhere with your mom, dad, sibling is great…but meeting someone your age to play with…is the icing on the cake!
Why is it that when we meet people we often stereotype and judge before just ‘diving’ into talking and getting to know them? I am guilty of it too. I’ll be sitting at the park, watching my kids play, and another mom will sit down next to me. It will be silent and we will both be minding out own business watching our kids, that happen to be pretty close in age. I could strike up a conversation to pass the time, but what would we talk about? Does she home-school or do her kids go to public school? Does she work or stay at home with her kids? Do we even have anything in common that we could talk about?! I wonder if she is even interested in talking.
Why do I care so much? If we don’t have anything to talk about and we don’t have anything in common, that’s fine. We’ll probably not run into each other very much, if ever again. BUT if we do hit it off and have a ton in common, maybe I’ll make a new mommy friend out of the whole deal. It.can’!
She might be interested in talking, just like I am and who knows,!

Let's start thinking like our kids think and stop.overthinking.everything! Go outside your comfort zone and talk to someone you wouldn't normally talk to. You just might become friends!

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Mary said...

I always wish it were easier to make friends like kids do! When we moved here, we had such a hard time finding good friends. People get so busy, or have family and friends here already so we don't feel like we fit in sometimes. I wish it could be simple like you said with no judgement.

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