Wednesday, September 9, 2015

It's the quality time that counts!

 It's one of my favorite times of the year. Camping for a week with my family. Quality time with my hubby and kiddos. My kids love camping and they love being outdoors. The use their imaginations and play really well together. They are going from sun up till sun down. They love it as much as we do!

They won't be this small for long but I do hope they keep the relationship that they have. 
They are siblings and there are definitely times they act like it, but there are times they are the best of friends too!

 This is time that I hope they will remember as they get older. I can only dream that this tradition will continue far past the time when my kids have their own kids. I loved camping as a kid, playing outside, getting dirty and finding new friends to play with. Not to mention S'mores, cooking over the campfire and choco tacos!

{Get ready for picture overload}

 Hanging out and relaxing!

 Hot wheels cars and ramp kept the boys busy forever.

Spending time with cousins!

Family hikes!

 Looking for snails and skipping rocks

They found a big one!

Doesn't everyone wear their bug catcher around their head?
Complete with toad in tow.

 Tons of bike rides!
  and Burley rides!

Fishing off the dock!

We have one more camping trip of the season and I am bummed to have to store the camper for the winter.

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