Thursday, July 28, 2016

6 1/2 years of UNFORGETTABLE!

I'm really going to miss it! 
All the memories we've made here, the 'first' that have happened here and the fun we've had making it ours, will make it hard to leave behind. Two of my kids know this as their only home and the other two have lived in this house more years than the other two houses...they_call_this_one_home!
 Sitting on my screen porch watching my kids play at the park in our backyard, coordinating sports games in the big open field by the park, taking all the kids to the park on a daily basis for daycare...I'm_going_to_miss_it!
It won't be easy to leave everything behind and to start our 'new normal,' but it's time and we are ready. As_ready_as_we'll_ever_be!
I am so excited for our new home and neighborhood. Excited to make it ours, to meet new friends and neighbors, to have my kids meet new friends and be able to run around outside and play like there's no tomorrow. We are hoping to get that tight knit neighborhood that become our friends for many years to come. We don't plan on moving again, especially after the horror and headache we have gone through this round, so I hope this neighborhood is everything we want for_us_and_our_kids!

We can't wait for the kids to start school here, to be able to trick-or-treat in our new neighborhood, have our first Christmas here, throw our first neighborhood party, plan our kids future birthday parties name it we can't wait!

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Water and Lattes said...

So awesome that you guys had a playground IN YOUR BACKYARD, but wow, that new house is absolutely beautiful! Congrats . . . I was so excited to see you updating your blog again!

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