Friday, July 29, 2016

Almost Over...

How in the world can that be?!
Just the other day, they were running off the school bus yelling, "It's summer!"
Empty backpacks, no homework and big dreams of a fun filled summer!

Now we only have 39 days till school starts! I know to some of you, that might seem like a lot, but with getting ready to move, more sports starting up and camping is flying by!

We have spent our summer days out in the sun, making endless memories!

We have spent more than our fair share at the ball fields! Watching Chase in his first year of traveling baseball on the AAA team, has been a blast. I am definitely a sports mom and love watching my kids do what they love! 

 {He has a die hard love for the game!}

If you stop by our house and no one answers, you'll know where we are...
 {DIY post for this amazing wreath to come}

We spent a ton of time on the soccer fields watching Abby's love for soccer grow!
She has a 'go get em' attitude with an aggressive love for winning and trying her best! She has grown to know the game so much more this past year and a little bit of me might be living vicariously through her! 

A lot of our summer has been consumed with packing boxes for our upcoming move. 6 1/2 years in our house, 4 kids and a ton of accumulated stuff! I have about 60% of our house packed up and still so much to do. Our free days and weekends {which_are_slim_and_none} are spent getting ready to move. I can't wait till school starts and I will be done moving, I'll be unpacked and starting up work in our new house!

Here's to the next 39 days! 
Please feel free to take your time summer!


Erin said...

we start school on the 29th.. I am so ready for back to school and routine... baseball and softball consumed our summer... but it was so much fun :) here is to 2 weeks with my girls before back to school!!

Jamie Kubeczka said...

I can't believe summer is almost over!! I'm not ready!!

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