Saturday, July 30, 2016

Looking Back

A year is a long time! When I look back at the blog I follow and see all the kids that have grown up, the families that have grown, the newly marrieds....

I can't believe it! Time files!
So, I though I'd give an update on my family!

 Everyone has a little more on their 'personality plate' than a year ago!
We all know of those 'fun stages' in life?! Well, I am pretty sure all 4 of my kids are going through one right now! 
I've gone as far as starting up a new behavior reward system {which_seems_to_be_working}
(more details on that later)
I have heard enough back talk to save my life! I haven't gone a day without whining in countless months! I have witnessed enough sibling rivalry to start my own war! I have yelled to many times to even have a voice! I have taken enough toys away to give Toys R Us a competitor!
Let's just pray these stages are quick and this upcoming school year gives us all a break! 

Don't get me wrong...I_LOVE_MY_KIDS! 
They just know how to push my buttons some days and make me go crazy other days!

Chase is almost 11 and becoming very independent! He played his first year of travel basketball last winter and was on a team that really challenged him. Not being the best on a team, makes him really work harder to be better! He had a lot of fun, learned a lot and can't wait to play again this year! He also played his first year of traveling baseball. Lots_of_traveling_this_year! He absolutely LOVED it and his love for baseball keeps growing. {not sure that's even possible} He was on the AAA team and they got to play in 2 state tournaments. If he could play baseball year round, he would in a heartbeat. Too_bad_we_live_in_the_frozen_tundra!
He is did great in school last year and can't wait to have his last year at the Elementary school this year! {Big Changes in middle school for him next year!}
He is an amazing help with his siblings and cousins and is pretty good about asking if there is something that he can do to help. Ringing in at only 60 lbs., he is following right in his dad's footsteps of waiting to grow till High School. He will still give me hugs and kisses, sometimes even around his friends! I_don't_want_that_to_change! 

Abby just turned 9 this month! She is our actress of the family! She has a love for pets and babies and really wants to be a veterinarian. She likes pretending she's injured or that her pets and babies are injured and helping them. She has the kindest spirit that she will be sure to let you know when she doesn't want to use it. She started travel soccer this past fall and it's her favorite sport! She got more goals this year, than all her years in soccer combined. I_love_being_able_to_coach_her!
She will be everyone's friend with her outgoing personality and does her best to include everyone to omit hurt feelings! She is a great helper with her siblings, house work and taking care of her cousins! She reminds me a lot of myself, now if I could just get her to take after my cleanliness! 
She loves to bake, do any kind of art project and make silly concoctions!  {If I get asked to make slime one more time, I might go crazy!}

Kenzie is my sassy little 6 year old...going on 13! She has a heart of gold, a smile that will make you want to say 'yes' to everything and an attitude that will make your head spin. I_think_she_got_that_from_me!
She idolizes her old sister, who is not always accepting of that, and loves to do exactly what she does. She has a love for dance and just finished her first year on the pre-performing dance team. She did competitions this year and really surprised us! She has determination to be able to do the splits by the first day of school. 
 She loves school and has been asking when it's going to start again. She loves doing school workbooks and practicing her sight words. She's_one_smart_cookie!
 Though she can throw her attitude about a mile, she is also very sweet and loves shopping with mommy!

Blake is our 4 year old 'energizer bunny'. He has enough energy to run a city! His goofy toothless smile can always make you laugh, even when there's trouble behind it. He is a very talented little guy, with an endless love for his big brother. They can always be found playing sports together, video games, Nerf Guns or building something. He used to love basketball, and still does, but has a new found love for baseball. He_can_actually_rip_the_ball!
He loves Nerf guns and watching videos of other kids playing them. He can tell you the name of just about every Nerf gun we own.
He has been in the ER, more than all his siblings combined and luckily is one tough cookie.
He loves shoes, Legos, Tom & Jerry and playing outside!
He definitely keeps us on our toes and is the perfect finishing touch to our family!


Erin said...

they sure are growing into beautiful little gems!! Sure miss seeing you all!! Glad you are back into blogging!

Jamie Kubeczka said...

He he.. love this update!

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