Monday, August 1, 2016

108 Months!

How did my first baby girl grow up so fast?!
9 years ago my life took an amazing change! I brought my first daughter into the world. Though sometimes I remember being so scared, since all I knew was having a boy, I knew everything would be okay.
Having my own expectations so high, wanting to be the perfect mom that she can come to with whatever she needs, wanting her to be dressed to a 'T,' and wanting the 'cool mom' label, are pretty high standards. I'd like to tell you all that it's been roses and cherries...but_I_can't!

Raising girls is tough, drama filled, lot of tears, tons of giggles, a little bit of screaming, lot of eye rolls, a few too many 'whatevers,' lots of snuggling and uncountable shopping dates!
As tough as it can be, I wouldn't change it for anything and it only makes me stronger and my relationship with my girls grow.

Am I a perfect mom!? 
Do I try my best and learn from my mistakes?!

I hope to have that relationship that my girls can come to me with ANYTHING! I'd like to hope that I would be happy that they are asking me and not sneaking around trying to figure out their world for themselves. We don't always get what we hope for, but I can try my best to steer them in the right direction! Positive...positive...positive direction!

My precious 5 lb. 12 ounce little girl has made me one proud mama! Her kindness towards others and her love to care for others and put them before herself is amazing! She has many talents and tries her best at whatever she does! We have definitely had our differences and she is more like me than I like to admit, but one things for sure, I love her and will support her...ALWAYS!

A soccer game birthday party...just what she wanted! 
All her friends and her favorite sport together!

Happy 9th birthday sweet girl! 
I love being your mom and can't wait for all the fun and learning years to come!

1 comment:

Erin said...

love the soccer cake.. cupcake cake ?! How fun!! So miss when they where still little and we did big family / friends birthdays! They grow so fast!! It sure is amazing to watch!

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