Tuesday, August 2, 2016

It's been too long!

With all our stress that comes along with moving, we haven't had a family camping trip yet this year! 
Our family loves camping and it has definitely been tough, but we are packing for our first summer trip! 

Each year we make a list for camping, to make sure we don't forget anything. We have our necessities in our camper, but we still need to refill some things and add things to each trip.
One would think with how organized I am, I'd have a master list for camping...but_I_don't!

I always make sure the kids have plenty to do. My kids love the outdoors, so they make their own fun, but I make sure to bring lots of stuff for them to play with. Also, we can't forget inside stuff to do if it rains.
And we surely can't forget the food. I mean....what is camping without junk food!
{I may need to go on a serious diet after all this goodness!}

With how dirty the kids get, while they are deep in their play, we definitely need a change of clothes too! These bags make it so easy for the kids to grab their outfit each day and still stay organized. I love Thirty One bags...for everything!

Can't forget sunscreen and bug spray! With being outside most of the day, we go through a ton of all this!
 {again...organized in a Thirty One tote}
Someone knows that I'm packing for camping and he can't wait to go!


Florence said...

Just discovered that your blogging again..ha. love your blog!

Do you still run your daycare? I also run a family dayhome! I am currently closed for summer.. so I get to indulge in catching up on some blogs..ha

Erin said...

Even with everything at the cabin I feel like i am always packing for a long trip... it takes so much stuff even for the weekend away... slowly we are building up our stock so we have less to bring each time... Hope you guys have a blast!!

My Wish said...

Love that you are blogging again and your thirty-one post! Do you have a consultant?

Jamie Kubeczka said...

So fun, I am dying to go camping myself, have fun!

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