Monday, January 2, 2017

Day 1...

2017...time to 'shock' my body into healthy mode. I am working on gaining back the motivation that I used to have before the stress of moving, my busy work season and then the holidays. Day 1 on the path to a healthier me!
I am on the Whole30 cleanse. Trying to get a kick start on the healthy eating and exercising that I want for a healthier happier me. As a mom, you all know how hard it is to think about yourself every once and awhile, it's hard to take me time...but_for_everyone_it_is_a_must. Taking time for yourself and making time for your needs is one of my weaknesses...but I'm hoping this is a new start.

I am starting this crazy, new, healthier look on 2017, in hopes that is brings out the crazy fit mama in me. I_know_she's_in_there!

Moving took a toll on me and my body for that matter. It was a long drawn out process that I never want to encounter again! I wouldn't wish that stress and heartbreak on anyone. That's all over and we are so happy to be in our new house and neighborhood! Time to kick it into high gear in the New Year!

This process is foreign to me, let's be real...diets and I don't get along. I have no self control over food and honestly....I_love_to_eat! Pasta, cheese, Starbucks, popcorn, all of which I love and will be saying "goodbye" to for 30 days. I am crossing my fingers and relying on the little strength that I do have to get me through the next 28 days.

Here's to a new normal around here and becoming best friends with the ingredients labels on boxes and bags. Here's to having some 'me time' and thinking about myself too.

This is my new 'toy' and motivation to workout at home! Now I just need to get some weighted balls and Kettlebells.

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Jamie Kubeczka said...

YOU can do it!! I am right there with ya!

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