Thursday, January 5, 2017

The First Few Days...

I won't bore you with a daily update, but I will check in every once and awhile to let you know how this crazy decision of mine is going...

I am on day three and from what I hear, the first week is_a_real_bear! From what I've's_a_real_bear! I will say things are getting better with knowledge and the headache is lessening. The more I know, the easier it is. If I don't know if I can eat it...I don't. I will just find something else I can eat! The meals I've been making for myself are amazing...much more prep time than I like to spend, especially_on_myself. but at times it can be kinda fun!

Day 1:
In the evening I attended a friends reunion party with my family.What's a party without snacks, desserts and alcohol?! I found myself standing there with a bunch of snack on the kitchen island staring at me. Chips, dips, chocolate dipped pretzels, Top the Tater, cheeses and popcorn....all_of_which_I_love. Even if I hadn't eaten dinner yet and was hungry, I can't have any of it on the Whole30. I did refrain from eating or drinking anything except_my_trusty_water_bottle. (which I ended up filling up 3 times...totaling 56 oz) Even through helping my kiddos with snacks and a few pieces of candy. 
To test my self control even more, the hubby decided to stop by McDonald's on the way home. Guess who got to hold the bag till we got home with_fry_fumes_going_straight_for_my_nose! Once again, not even one bite! ( Right now my life feels like the Jimmy John's slogan...'Free smells.')

Day 2: 
Making the kids lunch is one of my hardest times of the day. I am naughty and snack while making them food (and_I_wonder_why_I_can't_loose_weight) and just think to myself, 'if I just eat what I'm making them, it will be much easier.' (there is is time for me)
I made tortellini for the daycare for lunch....I LOVE tortellini! I love pasta of any kind and cheese too, both of which I can't have on the Whole30! Ugh! BUT I am proud to say, I didn't eat a bite, I didn't even lick my fingers when I had cheese on them. (pretty_proud_of_myself!)

Day 3:
I really didn't feel like making breakfast today. I made Eggos for a few kids, oatmeal and a few bowls of cereal and milk...none_of_which_were_for_me. I didn't want eggs again and I didn't know what else to make! BUT I figured it out after all the kids were fed and ended up having a great breakfast! I just made a combo of things that I did feel like.
Then I go to my car appointment after work, which most would think wouldn't be a problem, seeing as how there really isn't food there to worry about. I sit down in the lounge to wait for my car to be ready and immediately smell the amazing aroma of hot chocolate...FREE_hot_chocolate! As I sit down and tell myself, 'you can't have that.' Four people decide to sit right near me that are drinking hot chocolate. Talk_about_temptation! I however stuck to getting my work done and sipped on my water bottle till my name was called.

Finding the time to make the meals can be tough, but it will all pay off. I stepped on the scale this #4 and I've lost 2 lbs. I haven't lost two pounds in over 6 months. This_seems_to_be_working! I_am_actually_sticking_to_it! There's nothing more motivating that seeing results. (I will say, that with the Whole30 I have been working out on my elliptical and doing a few core workouts too)

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